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10 Animals Doing What They Do: Being Adorable

The Western Quoll is now classed as near-threatened which is a shame because just look at those little beady eyes. western-quoll   Although Echidna Cheap retin a are commonly referred to as Spiny Anteaters, and eat a lot of ants, they are not related to American anteaters. This little baby is pretty

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cute sticking its tongue out. And the baby spines are pretty sweet too. echidna   There’s something about this Forest Kingfisher that makes me think it’s copping a little attitude. Maybe it’s just me. forest-kingfisher   The Tasmanian Devil is now considered an endangered species. Don’t be fooled by its cute features, their name is no exaggeration! tasmanian-devil   I suspect some of you won’t appreciate the Horned Devil like I do. If we ignore the spines for just a second, they have the cutest little faces! And they wouldn’t hurt a fly. Ants, however, are in real danger as that is all they eat. thorny-devil   The Tree Kangaroo is very similar to terrestrial kangaroos with the the exception of it’s arboreal adaptations. They have a large tail for balancing and are pretty clumsy on the ground which just adds to how adorable they are. tree-kangaroo   Did you know, the Platypus also known as a duck-billed platypus, is a venomous mammal? The males can cause severe pain to humans by injecting venom from a spur on the hind foot. platypus   Did you know the Sugar Glider is kept as an exotic pet around the world? It’s no wonder with their small stature and sweet little faces. sugar-glider   This baby Kookaburra reminds me of a Puffin for some reason. Chubby and adorable it just make me smile from the inside out. kookaburra   No matter the day of the week, but especially on Mondays, if you are feeling down, and anytime you want to smile, just look at this Quokka. You’re welcome. quokka