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10 Ideas for Healthier Snacks

Forget New Year’s Resolutions, which most of us have broken by now anyway. I vow to make healthier lifestyle choices and these ideas for healthier snack ideas are a great place to start. Whether or not your family is excited about healthy eating, these ideas might get them on board. Dark chocolate is good for you! With a little moderation we can enjoy even our worst habits. Chocolate-dipped fruit kebabs topped with your favourite nuts are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth without packing on the calories. chocolate-dipped-fruit   Skip the extra carbs by swapping out break for your favourite vegetable to make mini sliders. cucumber-sandwich   If you want to eat a cookie, it may as well be the healthiest cookie you can think of. I would add pumpkin seeds to the mix to add a little texture. apple-oatmeal-breakfast-cookie   Roasted Edamame. I love roasted chickpeas as an alternative to chips but I have never thought of roasting edamame. I can’t wait to make these! roasted-edamame   Make your own gummy fruit snacks and leave the preservatives in the candy aisle. gummy-fruit-snack   Bell Pepper Pizzas are just as tasty, with added crunch and fewer starchy carbs. Everybody wins! bell-pepper-pizza   If you’re craving your favourite candy bar, figure out how to make the tastiest altrenative. While this may not be healthy, it’s still better than the alternative. coconut-chocolate-bar   If you’re craving chips, think up a healthier alternative that will satisfy your craving. These dill pickle “chips” will kick your craving without the excess calories. dill-pickle-cucumbers   The greatest summer treat in my opinion has fruit and is frozen solid. Increase your dairy and grain intake with these delicious treats. yogurt-fruit-granola-popsicles   Create new dips for your snacking veggies and serve them up like

this for fun. veggie-dip-shooters   If you’re looking for ways to eat more vegetables, check out this article! eat-more-vegetables   Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Make it easy with these breakfast bars you can make ahead and grab on the go. breakfast-bars naltrexone