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Breakfast Bars You Can Grab & Go

If you’re a morning person then you may not understand the panic that some of us go through when the alarm goes off. Whether you’ve hit the snooze button or just plain can’t get it together in the early hours, make these bars ahead of time and snap one up before you rush out the door.


Strawberry Banana Breakfast Bars  are the perfect way to wake up your taste buds.



I didn’t appreciate this combination as a kid but now that I’m a little wiser, Oatmeal Raisin Breakfast Bars are a great way to start the day.



Triple Berry Breakfast Bars pack a lot of fruity goodness into the (alleged) most important meal of the day.



Some days call for Chocolate Chip Breakfast Bars because chocolate. This is great for crummy days or to celebrate Friday.



If you like antioxidants first thing in the morning, then Blueberry Oatmeal Breakfast Bars are for you!



I am convinced that apples should never be served without cinnamon. Unless there is caramel involved of course.  Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Bars are even better on a rainy morning.

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Anyone who thinks these are dessert should never speak to me again. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Breakfast Bars for days that end in D-A-Y.



Blend your favourite gourd into your breakfast routine with Pumpkin Raisin Breakfast Bars.



Sometimes you want your bananas without any other distracting ingredients. Banana Breakfast Bars pack a little potassium into the early hours.



Everybody knows how to make oatmeal bars, but Blueberry Quinoa Breakfast Bars are just as delicious! Three cheers for ancient grains!