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Beautiful Valentines You Can Make Yourself

I have always loved making my own Valentines. I like to make them for all my single friends and colleagues and spread the love! Isn’t that what it’s all about? Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


Using your own fingerprints to make a heart is beyond adorable.



I love this idea. Whether you use a stencil, stickers, or your own lovely handwriting, it will make a gorgeous Valentine.



I would cut a car out of a magazine print one to paste for this clever card.



I love the idea of punching hearts or flowers to make this adorable card. Now I just need to find some cute quotes to use.



Back in the day I used to cut out all my little heart shapes. Thank goodness for punches! I like to make smaller shapes and put confetti in my cards too.



Googly eyes are even better with eyelashes! This is a great card for your favourite kid at heart.



Thank goodness for the creative minds who share the ideas I would never think of!



Make a lovely tree for the nature-lover in your life. I love the idea of using different papers and different sizes, just like leaves. Or layering several different colours of the same shape.



If you love a punch this is a fun way to use it. Use different papers or your favourite paints to get this fun look. You could also turn these round shapes into balloons by adding strings.



Speaking of string. I have seen this idea for a canvas and never would have thought to try it as a card. Can’t wait to make this!



If you’re looking for more way to be sweet on Valentine’s Day without a trip to the dentist office, check out these 10 Valentine Gift Ideas.

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