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Please Exercise Caution

Hi Ladies, It’s come to our attention that several fans of WomenFreebies.com.au have been contacted on Facebook by individuals claiming to work for WomenFreebies.com.au. They attempt to get personal information, including asking for winners to send money in order to redeem a “prize”. THIS IS NOT US. We have numerous giveaways and have had thousands of winners, but we never ask for financial information and certainly

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never ask for a fan to purchase something in order to get a prize. If you’re contacted on Facebook (usually via friend request) by someone claiming to work for WomenFreebies.com.au and asking for a personal details or a payment of any type to claim prizes, do not disclose any information. These people use our profile pictures and in many ways look just like us. There is one major difference – our page is Verified – it has a blue check mark next to it! This is one way you can tell we are the real WomenFreebies.com.au. They are in no way affiliated to our site. If you have been contacted in this way please report the person who added you as a friend to Facebook. Click on this text for details on reporting fake users to Facebook. As always when you’re online be careful, and if you’re ever in doubt do not give out personal information. You can always send us a message directly on our Facebook page: see the Message box at the bottom right as in the pic above. For the record when we contact fans who have legitimately one a prize in our contests we email them at the address used to enter. The only additional information we ask for is a mailing address so we can send out the prize. No legitimate giveaway or sweepstakes should ever require payment in advance to claim a prize. Please don’t let this stop you from enjoying the hundreds of legitimate samples and sweepstakes that are on our site. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Much Love, WomenFreebies.com.au Here is an example of the type of messages people receive: